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Home of Gerry's Famous BBQ Dry Rubs. Our rub are home made and safety sealed for your protection and satisfaction.


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  Our Rubs

Our traditional 'Signature BBQ Rub'   brings the flavor of a traditional Kansas City Barbeque right to your table.

Our Kickin' BBQ Rub'  brings on the heat of the American southwest and Mexico with just a hint of Indian curry.

Try our 'Jammin' Jerk Rub'    on your steaks and roasts for traditional Caribbean style Jerk BBQ.

Our  'Ragin' Cajun Rub'   Highway 61 rises from mists as it leaves Vicksburg and meanders it way through the Mississippi Delta. You'll pass through hundreds of small sleepy towns on your way to the city that never sleeps The Big Easy... New Orleans! 'Ragin Cajun Rub' brings out the flavor of New Orleans and the essence of Creole Cooking for use on meats, poultry, fish and salads to add zest and an amazing flavor.

Our 'Tryin' Thai Rub'   is adaptable, innovative and dynamic. Thai taste can be defined as the use of all 5 flavors: spicy, sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Our Tryin' Thai Rub' brings out these flavors to play together in harmony.

Our  'Adobo Magic Rub'   brings you an authentic Mexican spice mixture. Adobo seasoning is traditionally used for South of the Border flavor. Adobo Magic Rub is flavorful, but not hot. Rub onto your chicken, beef, pork chops, ribs or cutlets, or to spice up a bland salsa. If you make your own guacamole, Abobo Magic will elevate it to a new level.

Our  'Tall Texan Rub'  brings you an authentic Tex/Mex spice mixture.
This rub combines
Brown Sugar, Paprika, Dry Mustard, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder
Dried Sweet Basil, Ground Coriander, Black Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, salt and Ground Cumin... Things are bigger in Texas and flavor is no exception... This rub is custom made to order.

Go'Day Mate... Our 'Awesome Aussie' Dry Rub   comes in two distinct versions. One for shrimp and one for steak & lamb. Great for skewer and kabob recipes. Kabobs are colorful, nutritious, fun and with our rubs are sure to be a big hit. So throw some shrimp on the barbie...


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